Winter Season 2019

The Winter season is here! I have used different techniques on the artwork below–iris folding, watercolor, paper embroidery, and alcohol ink.

Summer 2019

From the shores of Delaware, I have been amazed and inspired by the ocean.  Focusing on this theme, I have put together some cards that include sea glass, ocean creatures, anchors, sailboats and lighthouses.  Take a peek and leave me a message.  Thanks for stopping by!


All the sea glass I use on my cards are genuine and have been collected by me in the states of Connecticut and Delaware.







The holiday season 2018

2018 has been an amazing year!  We moved and we are delighted with our decision.  We live near the beach, shopping and restaurants galore, and we have wonderful new friends.  I do miss my family, but we go back and forth often.  In October, I was in a craft show in our new community.  I sold many many cards, and I was thrilled!  (A picture is below.)  One of my new crafty friends organized a “crafts club”, and I taught two classes of iris folding, making ornament and snowflake cards for the holiday.   Before 2019 begins, I want to share some of my cards for this holiday season, and a couple of sea glass pictures I made as gifts.  Here we go!


Craft show October 2018




Embroidered gift tags


Iris fold tree


Iris fold ornament


Tea bag fold from my stamped squares


Embroidered funky tree


Iris fold snowflake



Cat watching the birds


Snowman loving the snow

My next post will be my sea glass cards!

Happy Holidays!



Stitching summer 2018

Stitching on paper is not new.  However recently a few dies were created to use in cutting machines that make holes on the entire paper.  It’s a game changer.  Here are a few Valentine Day cards.




Valentine's Day 2018

I find stitching to be a lot of fun.  It’s versatile and there is no right or wrong. What could be better?  Here are some recent cards–Easter, Mother’s Day, and Birthday.

Easter Bunny

Pansies for Mother's Day

Birthday card

Thanks for stopping by.  Check back, I will have more stitching to post.


The holiday season 2017

Finally, we had a white Christmas!

Paper embroidery with a snowflake stamp on vellum paper



Paper embroidery “Joy”


CD embroidery: A pattern is created and holes drilled. Then I used pearl cotton # 5 thread to embroider

Floral gift set

A gift for a special friend.

Floral gift set

This set contains a birthday greeting card, mason jar, an initial and a mini notebook.

Floral card (idea from Joyfullymadedesigns)

Cross stitch top of a jar (pattern by 

Mini notebook

The birthday season (Autumn) 2016

Scout puppy

We have this!

Helicopter (carrying cargo)

What is so interesting?

Happy Valentine’s Day 2016


Valentine16b_0001         Valentine16b    

Holidays 2016

Holidays 2016

Christmas wreath

This Christmas wreath is made of clothes pins and washi tape.  It was a lot of fun to make and I am happy with the results.  This wreath is a gift to my good friend, Linda.

2015-12-18 07.59.35

Snowflake wreath

Winter is my favorite time of year!  Snowflakes are a passion of mine. No flake is the same and I find this amazing.  I love the way the flakes shine and sparkle in the sun.  What is better than a snowflake wreath?