The holiday season 2018

2018 has been an amazing year!  We moved and we are delighted with our decision.  We live near the beach, shopping and restaurants galore, and we have wonderful new friends.  I do miss my family, but we go back and forth often.  In October, I was in a craft show in our new community.  I sold many many cards, and I was thrilled!  (A picture is below.)  One of my new crafty friends organized a “crafts club”, and I taught two classes of iris folding, making ornament and snowflake cards for the holiday.   Before 2019 begins, I want to share some of my cards for this holiday season, and a couple of sea glass pictures I made as gifts.  Here we go!


Craft show October 2018




Embroidered gift tags


Iris fold tree


Iris fold ornament


Tea bag fold from my stamped squares


Embroidered funky tree


Iris fold snowflake



Cat watching the birds


Snowman loving the snow

My next post will be my sea glass cards!

Happy Holidays!



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