Robin Heit, a New England native, was born and raised in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Robin’s earliest memory of art was in kindergarten where she used several shades of green to chalk blades of grass on a landscape.  Ever since that initial experience many years ago, she has been engrossed in passion with colors and their intricate relationships. Upon graduating from Curry College Magna Cum Laud in 1979 with a Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts, Robin designed a series of greeting cards which now retails throughout the region.

Her fascination for color and unique paper folding has allowed her to share a myriad of paper folding techniques with many individuals within her home town.  “I believe that with the proper materials and instructions, everyone can create art.”  Robin’s paper art techniques are best described as a new twist to Origami, including iris folding which originated in the Netherlands using the insides of envelopes to produce a swirl of colors and patterns.  She enjoys collecting distinctive papers from around the world such as shopping bags, wrapping paper, candy wrappers, and hair foils, which serve as inspiration for new ideas and even for use in her pieces of art.

Robin currently resides in Delaware with her husband.  She lives close to the beach so she can fulfill her other passion, collecting sea glass.

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