Winter Snow

There is no one who loves snow more than me! The energy created in anticipation of a snowstorm is so exciting! Every news station has a different estimated amount of snow and I look at all of them, switching back and forth. Watching the snow–large flakes, small flakes, mixed precipitation reminds me that each snowflake […]

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Pyramid Cards

Today I thought I would share a pyramid card I made. This technique produces an effective result! To make this card, I printed out several copies of the same picture, and then methodically cut each picture smaller and smaller. With each layer, I added foam tape. This card I made for a horse-loving friend. Leave […]

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Iris Folding

Iris Folding originated in the Netherlands. Originally using the inside of envelopes, the paper was used to cut, fold, and place in a pattern. The result is a swirl of colors and patterns. Take notice of the envelopes you receive in the mail. The patterns are amazing! Today there are many paper options–tissue paper, wrapping […]

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